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Private Charters


"Dreamer" 42 Passengers in Harbor,

$550 Credit/Debit per Hour 

or $495 Cash Price/Hr.

"Dreamer" out of Harbor,

28 Passengers Out of Harbor(January 1 through May 31)

42 Passengers Out of Harbor(June 1 through December 31) 

$660 Credit Card

or $595 Cash Price/Hr. 

Prices do not include gratuity(typically 20-25% of the charter rate)


Come Aboard


for your private event.

There is nothing quite like cruising the bay on your own private vessel.

It's a great way to unwind.

Music, Drinks, Food

& Fun.



Other Charter Prices:

Bar Prices:

$1.10 cc/$1.00 cash-Soda & Water

$5.60 cc/$5.00 cash-Beer & Wine

$6.70 cc/$6.00 Cash-Mixed Drinks

$7.80 cc/$7.00 Cash-Mixed Drinks

$11.10 cc/$10.00 Champagne Splits

Minimum $50 bar



Our "Dreamer" vessel is certified by the United States Coats Guard to accommodate up to 42 passengers.  

"Dreamer" has an  offshore capacity of 28 passengers January 1 through May 31 

42 passengers June 1 through December 31

Due to our liquor license, all alcoholic beverages must be purchased on the vessel.

All prices listed do not include tax, bar, food and an 20% svc. charge that is added to each event.

All payments are due prior to sailing.  There is a no cancellation policy on all private events.  Any charter

canceled will be charged for the entire charter bill.



We always say, If your stressed...float a while!