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We Do Not Do Reservations On Any Boat Rentals.

All Boats Are Rented On A First Come, First Served Basis

21' Electric

12 Passengers Maximum
1800 lbs Maximum


$149 Credit/Debit

$134 Cash Per Hour

18' Electric

9 Passengers Maximum
1350 lbs Maximum

$112 Credit/Debit

$100 Cash Per Hour

16' Electric

Islander(6 Passengers, 900# Max)

Electracraft 7 Passengers Maximum

1050 lbs Maximum

$87 Credit/Debit

$78 Cash Per Hour

14' ElectraCraft

5 Passengers Maximum

750 lbs Maximum


$75 Credit/Debit

$67 Cash Per Hour

14' Convertible

4  Passengers Maximum

700 lbs Maximum

$75 Credit/Debit

$67 Cash Per Hour

Electric Boat Rentals require:  Renter must be 21 years old, have a valid I.D., must completed a rental contract and 
make a $500 Damage Deposit on a Visa, Master Card, Discover Card or Cash.  
Rental Time starts from the time you leave the rental dock until the time you return to the rental dock.  
As per the rental contract you are responsible for any and all damage to the rented vessel and any and all other vessels, property and persons including personal injury or death to anyone on the vessel or with any one or thing that you may come in contact with or cause damage to.  

Damage deposit is voided with undamaged return of the vessel and under the conditions that you have not breeched your contract

(this may take the credit card companies 5 or more days to process).  

You are responsible for any damages caused while you are in possession of the vessel.

Payment for rental time is made upon return of the vessel.